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I’m an avid electrical, mechanical & datacentre engineer who has been into radio for a long time. I was SWL for many years until the opportunity to pass my Radio Licence Exam became available.

Most of my current skills in electronics, mechanical engineering, welding, brazing, computers, servers, commercial networking, refrigeration, industrial & marine hydraulic systems are all self taught.

My first introduction into radio was back in the late 90’s as a Marine VHF Operator, this then evolved into an interest in Ameteur Radio.

Also a dedicated canal boater & Waterways Volunteer, normally moored up at Marple, Cheshire.

My current main base station radio is a Wouxun KG-UV950P, which is connected to a Diamond X-30 antenna on a 35ft mast. (See main blog post about this).

Main antenna feeder is high quality RG213-U Mil spec cable, with N-Type connectors at every join.

I have several Baofeng UV-5Rs for mobile operation, these were my go-to radios for a long time even for static working.

First licenced in 2013, at Stockport Radio Society (M6GCY), did my 2E0 immediately after at the same venue (2E0GXE).

As of 2018 I am currently employed as an EMC Engineer, which fits in nicely with my electronics engineering & RF background.

Currently looking into getting my Advanced licence, when time & money allow.

5 thoughts on “The Engineer

  1. Interesting background and projects !

    When I was an active ham my callsign was F6CPK, french because thats where I have lived these past 40 years. I am now retired but keep up my childhood passion for all things radio and electronics.

    If you make your own pcbs what process do you use ? I use Proteus for schematics and layout. But turning that into a physically acceptable PCB I find difficult and time consuming, and frustrating.
    I wish you better health and a thrillingly happy hobby.



    1. Hi John,

      I use the toner transfer process for my PCBs, with a few personal tweaks. When I get some time I will go into the process in detail 🙂
      I’ve been doing the same process for about 18 months, and can go from PCB layout to etching & drilling the finished PCB in roughly 40 minutes.
      The PCB software I use is Eagle CAD.

      Ben Thomson / 2E0GXE

    2. Hi I have a xm 2000 and looking for a manual could you please help

  2. Hi is it possible to recommend a decent remote alternator regulator for my narrowboat? I have had an Adverc for over 10 years which is now putting out an “over voltage” ie 15.3v which trips my inverter, any advice would be appreciated after watching your Sterling strip down I now feel a bit despondent, thanks Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      15.3v won’t be tolerated by the batteries for very long! That voltage level is used in a “balancing” or “equalisation” charge though, does your regulator have this function?

      The Sterling mains chargers do one every now & again, however it’s usually no longer than 60 minutes. Such a charge should also not be run on either Valve regulated or Sealed batteries since it does electrolyse off some of the water in the cells. Adverc may be able to repair your unit if it’s faulty though.

      As an aside, inverters are also very hard on batteries, but that’s another subject entirely!

      The only other company I know who does external alternator regulators is MasterVolt, but I’ve not had any experience with their products in that department. Short of building your own (which is entirely possible), I’m afraid I can’t be much more help with this.


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