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  1. Hey you,I liked your teardown of the \”digital\” dyson. I actually found the part that is on the BMS of the battery pack. It is an Attiny44 20 Mhz ๐Ÿ™‚ Look up the ordering codes ;-)Best regards,Frank

    PS: the re-captcha thing is broken

    1. Hi Frank. Cheers for the info! I figured it was some kind of MCU. Thanks for letting me know about the capcha, I’ll look into fixing it ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi,

    can you tell me how to open the Dyson DC35 Batterypack?
    did you have pictures from the open housing so i can see where the clips are positioned.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the battery casing, but the clips are all around the seam in the battery. Using a spudger or screwdriver gently should get the pack open, but it’s very difficult to do without damaging the plastic.



  3. Hi!
    According to your post about Microvision projector like this
    and the previous ones, i wanna to ask you something…
    I’m looking for any kind of detailed information about microvision showwx+ projector hdmi-connection. I have one, and i was completely happy with that until connection cable to iphone became broken (i don’t now it exactly, but i guess this is it). So I wondering about alternative methods of connection. I tried an hdmi connection via thunderbolt/hdmi cable with macbook pro, via blackmagic ultra hd studio mini with mbp again, but always got the ‘INVALID VIDEO MODE’ message.
    Can you tell me something about how you solve that problem?

    1. Hi. I’ve not had the ShowWX projector for some time, the same thing happened to mine – the micro HDMI connector broke so it got sent back. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Mac machines or thunderbolt/HDMI so I can’t help ye there.

      1. Yeah, but as I see you connected it to Rasp. So may by there was some tricks with stream settings on it?

        1. If I remember correctly the RasPi detected the projector automatically & I didn’t need to fiddle with any of the low level settings to get it working correctly. The projector’s manual should give you some info about the supported resolutions (Can’t remember personally). You could try setting the HDMI output of your device to a specific supported resolution.

  4. Hello, there! I’m Steven from Korea.

    I saw your review on ‘OLED Pulse Oximeter Teardown’.

    I’ve made a senior project with this, But it is hard to get any information about this pcb.

    Did you get any useful datas from this device? I heard you poked at these pads with a scope.

    If you have, could you please share with me?

    Thank you for reading and have nice.

    1. To be honest I haven’t scoped any of the test points on the PCB, but you can check if the version without the radio included has firmware to spit some data out over the serial bus!

      Cheers for visiting,

      de 2E0GXE

  5. Hello,

    first of all, congratulations for your side with so many projects.

    I found a little bug in your site. On
    you can’t access it at the moment I would like to recreate the Milliohm Meter. Could you maybe fix the bug?

    I would be very grateful.

    best regards

    1. Hi PM,

      I’m aware of the wee bug there, I think it’s due to the latest upgrade to WordPress not being 100% compatible with the theme I’m using. The Milliohm meter project is at the following link though:

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately the new link doesn’t work either. (Get a blank page with the following text: Error thrown
        Call to a member function id() on array)

        1. Hi PM,

          Bloody web server! I think I’ve managed to sort it out now, looks like an issue with PHP. Give it another go, if it dies again I’ll PDF the post for you instead ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Duckduckgo pointed me to your AD9850 page for November 2014

    I am looking for gerbers for the AD9850 modules. When I took your download link
    it gave me a no page exists error. When I tried it had apparently never crawled the site. I went to your Archive links for November 2014 and pages 2 and 3 had comments as well as the same link but the link fails. Would it be possible to get those Eagle files so I can generate gerbers and get a few boards made? I have some bare AD9850’s and wanted to use them. The black background and black boxes and gray text make it very hard to navigate within your site or getting things in the boxes to make these comments.
    Thank you.

  7. how did you pull the motor out?

    1. Hi Johnny,

      Not sure which motor you are referring to?

  8. Hi there,

    Your 5 series battery teardown was really useful for me. Quick question, are all the modules 16 cells in series? It looks that way but the shape of the OEM housing makes it look like the packs situated under the ones on top are narrower so I wasn’t sure.

    How easy was angle grinding the contacts to reconfigure the arrangement? Did you cover the cells with some sheet to protect it from sparks etc?

    1. Hi Harry,
      Yes, all the modules, and cells are in a series string to make up the HV pack.

      It was fairly simple to chop through the cell interconnects, a vacuum was used to ensure that all the grinding dust didn’t short cells out. There are no sparks generated since the interconnects are made of Aluminium. Soldering to these is a bit tricky, and requires a 300W iron, and Alusol 45D solder to get the job done without cell damage.

      The flux in the Alusol is active enough to allow wetting of Alu, but beware the fumes (it’s probably HF!)


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