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NanoVNA-Qt Raspberry Pi AppImage Build

There’s quite a nice desktop app for the new NanoVNA v2, NanoVNA-Qt. It’s released as an AppImage for Linux, but unfortunately there is no version to run on a Pi supplied. The version below is built to run on the latest version of Raspbian (as of writing this, 2020-05-27).


3 thoughts on “NanoVNA-Qt Raspberry Pi AppImage Build

  1. Is there anything in the works for modify the code so that it can be used with older NanaVNAs like the -F models? Or am I missing how to tell the software the serial port for my NanoVNA-F model?

  2. Could you give some hints how you built the Appimage? Is it straight forward the instructions at the Github repository or are there pitfalls to pay attention for a Raspberry Pi Appimage?

  3. Would it be possible to re-upload the Appimage?

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