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Simple Dishwasher Repair

Earlier today, one of my neighbours put their dishwasher out for the scrap man. After asking if I could appropriate it in the interest of recycling the Ham Way™, I was told it wasn’t draining. The engineer called out to fix it had claimed it was beyond economical repair.

A quick test showed that indeed the drain pump wasn’t operating correctly – very poor pumping capacity & a horrid grinding noise.

Drain Pump
Drain Pump

Here is the drain pump on the bottom of the machine. Strangely for a dishwasher, everything underneath is very clean & free from corrosion.

Pump Rotor
Pump Rotor

On removing the securing screw & unlatching the pump from it’s bayonet mount, the impeller instantly tried to make a break for freedom – it has come off the splines of the rotor shaft.

In the past I’ve tried to remove these rotors manually – and totally destroyed the pump in the process. They are usually so well secure that replacement is the only option. This particular one must have vibrated off the shaft somehow.

This repair was easy – removing the rotor from the main pump body & gently drifting the impeller back onto the splines.

Repaired Pump
Repaired Pump

Here the pump is reassembled & ready for reinstallation.

On test the pump sounds normal, & works as expected.

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  1. Nice one Ben, like the new look too!

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