Linux Snippet – Backing Up Jellyfin With Borgmatic

Having had a wee issue with Jellyfin Media Server’s database this week after an upgrade, I decided to avoid the requirement for a 24 hour database rebuild, to start backing things up with Borgmatic. Borgmatic is a handy wrapper script to automate BorgBackup.

This is a very simple configuration, which does the following steps:

  1. Stops the Jellyfin server
  2. Runs Borg on both configuration directories – /etc/jellyfin & /var/lib/jellyfin.
  3. Checks the repo & existing archives for consistency
  4. Restarts the Jellyfin server.

Now, whenever the SQLite 🤮 databases backing up the frontend decide to have a shitfit, it should be a relatively simple matter to restore to the last good backup. In my case I have a cronjob set to run every night. Once someone adds proper MySQL support, I will migrate over to a proper database server instance. 😉

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