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ATC-1000 Serial to IP Converter Teardown

Front Cover
Front Cover

Just a quick teardown this month! This is an industrial RS-232/RS-485 to Ethernet serial converter.Not much to say about the outside of the unit, there’s the DB-9 connector for the 232 interface, and Phoenix connector blocks for the 422/485 interface. The main power input, and the Ethernet jack are on the other side.


Under the hood, there’s a pretty densely populated board. The brains of the operation is a IP210T Serial to Ethernet SoC with A/D Converter. This is an 8051 based core, wuth 10/100 MAC. No flash memory here either, only 64KB of OTP EPROM. On the left there’s a few bus transceivers to interface the serial ports, along with some glue logic. At the top we have the Ethernet magnetics, configuration EEPROM for the SoC & a trio of indicator LEDs.
Power supplies are dealt with via an LM2576-3.3 DC-DC buck converter, providing the main 3.3v rail for the logic.

1 thought on “ATC-1000 Serial to IP Converter Teardown

  1. Hello Engineer,

    I am Nicam .Thanks for your commet with ATC-1000.We are factory that it design in year of 2008.And it discounous until year of 2022.
    It slowly instead by ATC-1200 Ethernet to serial converter from 2018.We think ATC-1000 is one
    most success products in that time.

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