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300th Post! Site Updates, News, Etc

Since this is the 300th post on my blog in the 6 years I’ve been at this, I figured I’d do a post with recent site updates & some news.

Site Look

There haven’t been many updates to the general look of the site for quite a while, with some help of a friend I managed to get a new ticker added to the header, which saves on post count for upcoming projects & posts.
The header image is also dynamic, picking randomly from a collection of images, mostly from previous posts, and a few that started as messing about with a camera & turned out looking quite good.

Site Support

Also added to the site’s look is a Tip Jar on the right hand side, so thankful readers can donate something if I’ve managed to post something remotely helpful ;).
People that know me personally know I hate ads with a passion, and as such ads will have no place on my blog for as long as it’s visible on the intertubes. The site does cost quite a significant (to me anyway) amount of cash to keep going, not to mention time, so any donations would be more than welcome!

Radio-Based Posts

I haven’t done any proper Ham Radio based posts in quite a while, mainly due to me not having anything to share on the subject, unfortunately it can be a damn expensive hobby & there are other things taking priority at the moment. (Apparently eating & warmth are essentials, according to the missus at least ;)).
There is going to be a round-about radio based post shortly though, so my Ham readers stay tuned!

Boating Posts

Now that we’re in the new year, when the weather returns to something remotely tolerable to be outdoors in, there’ll be much more boating related stuff on the cards, not only trips but engineering jobs onboard.


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