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Motorised Valve

This is the internals of a motorised valve for central heating systems. Here the top is removed showing the motor & microswitch.

Left side of the valve, showing the gearing under the motor, & the valve body under the powerhead.

Right side of the valve, showing the sprung mechanism of the valve quadrant.

Here the motor has been removed from the powerhead, showing the microswitch & the sprung quadrant gear. This spring keeps the valve closed until the motor is energized. The motor remains energized to hold the valve open.

Here the valve body has been opened showing the internal components. The rubber valve rotates on the shaft, blocking the lower port of the valve when in operation.

The motor’s protective cap has been removed here showing the rotor. This is a synchronous motor, of a special type for use in motorised valves. As the windings need to be continuously energized to hold the valve open, it is designed not to burn out under this load. 240v AC 50Hz, 5RPM.