LM386 Stereo Audio Amplifier

The quickest project from inception to working PCB yet:

From inception to a working PCB took only 4 hours!

LM386 Amplifier
LM386 Amplifier

This is a miniature stereo audio amplifier, 0.5W per channel, that can be run from any voltage between 4-12v DC.

As usual, all the Eagle project files are available for download below & kits/bare PCBs will be available for sale for those that cannot etch boards.

In Operation
In Operation

Here is the circuit driving a pair of 3W 8Ω speakers from a line level audio source. The gain of this circuit is set at 50 with the components specified.



As can be seen from the schematic, this is a pair of single LM386 ICs for each channel.

Gain can be set by altering R3 & R4

[download id=”5566″]

Buy Kits Here £9.50:
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Buy bare PCBs here £5:
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PCBs are etched on FR4 laminate with 8oz copper with top component silkscreen.

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