Wheelchair Motor Service Part 1: Teardown & Inspection

Trolley Propulsion System: Wheelchair Motor Units So it’s time to get the propulsion system underway for the trolley, a pair of wheelchair motors were sourced for this, from HacMan. Since I don’t know how many hours are on these units, or how they’ve been treated in the past, I’m going

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He-Ne Lasers – Introduction

A helium-neon (henceforth abbreviated HeNe) laser is basically a fancy neon sign with mirrors at both ends. Well, not quite, but really not much more than this at first glance (though the design and manufacturing issues which must be dealt with to achieve the desired beam characteristics, power output, stability,

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LDR Controlled Relay

Here’s a quick project for nightlight use: an LDR controlled relay. Powered from 12v DC, this circuit uses an LM311 comparator to switch the relay according to the sensitivity set by the potentiometer. Eagle files can be downloaded below. [download id=”5577″] 00