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AD9850 DDS VFO PCB & Schematic Layout

I recently came across a design for an Arduino controlled AD9850 DDS module, created by AD7C, so I figured I would release my Eagle CAD design for the PCB here.

It is a mainly single-sided layout, only a few links on the top side are needed so this is easy to etch with the toner transfer method.

My version uses an Arduino Pro Mini, as the modular format is much easier to work with than a bare ATMega 328.

RF output is via a SMA connector & has a built in amplifier to compensate for the low level generated by the DDS Module.


Version 2 Update: Added reverse polarity protection, added power indicator LED, beefed up tracks around the DC Jack.
[download id=”5571″]

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AVR Optical Tachometer

Here is an AVR powered optical tachometer design, that I adapted from the schematic found here.

I made a couple of changes to the circuit & designed a PCB & power supply module to be built in. The original design specified a surface mount IR LED/Photodiode pair, however my adjustment includes a larger IR reflectance sensor built onto the edge of the board, along with a Molex connector & a switch to select an externally mounted sensor instead of the onboard one.

There is also an onboard LM7805 based power supply, designed with a PCB mount PP3 battery box.
The power supply can also be protected by a 350mA polyfuse if desired. If this part isn’t fitted, then a pair of solder bridge pads are provided within the footprint for the fuse to short out the pads.

For more information on the basic design, please see the original post with the link at the top of the page.


Here is an archive of the firmware & the Eagle CAD files for the PCB & schematic design.


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Raspberry Pi Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter Setup
Geiger Counter Setup

Here’s my latest project with the Pi: interfacing it with the Sparkfun Geiger counter & outputting the resulting data to a character LCD.

The geiger counter is interfaced with it’s USB port, with the random number generator firmware. A Python script reads from the serial port & every minute outputs CPM & µSv/h data to the display.

The Python code is a mash of a few different projects I found online, for different geiger counters & some of my own customisations & code to write the info to the display & convert CPM into µSv/h.

This also writes all the data into a file at /var/log/radlog.txt

The code for this is below:

[snippet id=”1149″]

Info Display
Info Display