Raspberry Pi Timelapse Video Generator Script & Full Script Pack Download

To cap off the series of scripts for doing easy timelapse video on the Raspberry Pi, here’s a script to generate a H.264 video from the images. This should be run on a powerful PC rather than the Pi – generating video on the Pi itself is likely to be

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Raspberry Pi Timelapse – Resequencing Images

Sometimes while taking timelapse video on the Pi, it misses frames, for no apparent reason. I have been playing with various combinations of disks/SATA cases to see what the bottleneck is. Oddly enough a faster drive actually made the problem worse! Here’s an example of some really bad frame skipping,

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Wearable Raspberry Pi Part 2.5 – Battery Pack PCM

The final part for the battery pack has finally arrived, the PCM boards. These modules protect the cells by cutting off the power at overcharge, undercharge & overcurrent. Each cell is connected individually on the right, 12v power appears on the left connections. These modules also ensure that all the

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OMXPlayer Series Play

This is a little script to make OMXPlayer on the Raspberry Pi cycle through every file in a specified folder, useful for playing sequential movies or series of episodes.  

Example: [root@raspbian ~]# omxseries hdmi /media/stuff/videos would play everything in /media/stuff/videos and send the audio over the HDMI port.

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ShowWX+ Pico Projector First Light

Above is the image projected from the Pi, on the default login screen. Distance from the projector is approx 10 feet. State of the art projector mount, fashioned from several cable ties. HDMI cable is plugged into the right hand side of the projector. Unfortunately the projector cannot handle audio

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