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The Perfect Companion To The Raspberry Pi

As I’m building a portable “media center” with my first Pi, I was looking for a suitable screen. I remembered the existence of these:

ShowWX+ HDMI Pico Projector
ShowWX+ HDMI Pico Projector

A laser pico projector combined with a Pi, in a small enough package would make a fantastic
little portable media player. So Β£220 was shelled out πŸ™‚

Along with the case for my Pi coming from Mod My Pi, I am aiming for a device as small as possible. At some point I will fit the Pi into the same package as the projector, if it can be cannibalised in such a way πŸ™‚

Check back for an update with running images of the projector, powered from the Pi’s HDMI output.

I will also be doing the standard teardown of the projector when time allows πŸ™‚

Micro HDMI Connections: These are CRAP. They don’t stand up to any form of day-to-day use, and the projector began displaying a blue screen with “INVALID VIDEO MODE” as soon as anything was plugged into the Micro HDMI port. A quick attack with a jeweller’s screwdriver fixed the port, as it had become loose.

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