Sony HVF-2000P Viewfinder Teardown & Composite Video Hack

Well, it’s time for another viewfinder hack! I’ve been after one of these for a while, this is from an early 1980’s era Sony Trinicon camera, and instead of the tiny ½” round CRT display, these have a 1.5″ square CRT – a Matsushita 40CB4. Luckily I managed to score

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Panasonic NV-M5 CRT Viewfinder Hack

  The old Panasonic NV-M5 has the standard for the time CRT based viewfinder assembly, which will happily take a composite video signal from an external source. This viewfinder has many more connections than I would have expected, as it has an input for the iris signal, which places a

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OMXPlayer Series Play

This is a little script to make OMXPlayer on the Raspberry Pi cycle through every file in a specified folder, useful for playing sequential movies or series of episodes.  

Example: [root@raspbian ~]# omxseries hdmi /media/stuff/videos would play everything in /media/stuff/videos and send the audio over the HDMI port.

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ShowWX+ Pico Projector First Light

Above is the image projected from the Pi, on the default login screen. Distance from the projector is approx 10 feet. State of the art projector mount, fashioned from several cable ties. HDMI cable is plugged into the right hand side of the projector. Unfortunately the projector cannot handle audio

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