Melles-Griot 05-LHR-088 Helium-Neon Laser

Here’s another Helium-Neon to add to the electric glassware collection, a 2mW Melles-Griot 05-LHR-088 which I pulled from the optical assembly from an ancient Spectra-Physics SP910 laser level. This tube is a standard Red 632.8nm with Random beam polarisation. The specifications are in the table below: The label shows that

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Melles Griot

Melles-Griot 05-LHP-141-15 Helium Neon Laser Head & Tube Extraction

Looking through eBay recently I came across a great deal on some Helium-Neon laser heads from Melles Griot. While definitely not new, these gas lasers are extremely long-lasting & I figured the tubes inside would make a nice addition to my laser collection. Doing some searching on the model number,

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ShowWX+ Pico Projector First Light

Above is the image projected from the Pi, on the default login screen. Distance from the projector is approx 10 feet. State of the art projector mount, fashioned from several cable ties. HDMI cable is plugged into the right hand side of the projector. Unfortunately the projector cannot handle audio

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