Camping Gear – Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove

For as long as I can remember I’ve been using Trangia-type alcohol fuelled stoves when I go camping, even though these have served my needs well they’re very limited & tend to waste fuel. I did some looking around for Paraffin/Kerosene fuelled stoves instead, as I already have this fuel

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Maplin/Refrakta Torch Modification & Mode Removal

The multimode dimming/flashing modes on Chinese torches have irritated me for a while. If I buy a torch, it’s to illuminate something I’m doing, not to test if people around me have photosensitive epilepsy. Looking at the PCB in the LED module of the torch, a couple of components are

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Lying Again Are We? (Mike Webb Of

Regular readers might remember a previous post about the fiasco we have had with a hydraulic generator, and in particular one person by the name of Mike Webb. Well here we are a year down the line. The generator still doesn’t function properly, as other things have taken priority, but

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