IC Decap: Motorola XPC860PZP50D4 Communications Controller

This is a System On Chip from Motorola, designed for network routing applications. This chip contains a hell of a feature set, so I’ll just include an excerpt from the datasheet:


New Scope!

Alas, my old trusty Hameg HM303 30MHz oscilloscope has finally died. I’ve had this scope for many years, an eBay buy when I noticed they were going cheap. It’s been replaced with a brand new Rigol DS1054Z, a 4-channel 50MHz DSO. This is a big jump from the old analogue

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Nokia 7110

Another phone from the mid 90s. This is the nokia 7110. Here the slider is open showing the keypad. Here the battery is removed, a Li-Ion unit. The battery cell & protection circuit removed from the casing. This is the rear of the PCB removed from the housing. Data &

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