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AD9850 DDS VFO PCB & Schematic Layout

I recently came across a design for an Arduino controlled AD9850 DDS module, created by AD7C, so I figured I would release my Eagle CAD design for the PCB here.

It is a mainly single-sided layout, only a few links on the top side are needed so this is easy to etch with the toner transfer method.

My version uses an Arduino Pro Mini, as the modular format is much easier to work with than a bare ATMega 328.

RF output is via a SMA connector & has a built in amplifier to compensate for the low level generated by the DDS Module.


Version 2 Update: Added reverse polarity protection, added power indicator LED, beefed up tracks around the DC Jack.
[download id=”5571″]

4 thoughts on “AD9850 DDS VFO PCB & Schematic Layout

  1. Hello Ben,

    I generated Gerbers and sent the files off to Seeed Studios to make PCBs. I ordered the parts I didn’t have and loaded Jan’s version of the software (OM2ATC) into the Arduino Pro Mini. Everything worked perfectly right out of the gate. OK I did have to switch the encoder pins (1,3) to get the the tuning to go clockwise= up. Couple builder tips- put the LCD on a socket to lift it higher, solder molex connectors to the back of the board for encoder take off with remote wires, put a small heatsink on the voltage regulator to cast off some of the heat against the board. Thank you for a great job on the PCB design!

    John Greusel

  2. Hi John

    Glad you found the PCB design of use! A little weird that you had to alter the connections to the encoder, I certainly didn’t have to do that to get things working correctly (from memory at least).

    Cheers, de 2E0GXE

  3. olá, este projeto tem escuta em qual faixa ? é de 0 a 30 mhz 80m esta dentro?

  4. Can you tell me where the download of the Eagle files are for the AD9850? When I select it reports that it is a bad link and never crawled the site. Where is the download located now? The black background on your page makes it very hard to read.
    Thank you.

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