GB3WP & G6YRK – Rant Time

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper radio based post, so it’s a bit of a shame that I have to start off with a rant, but it’s required in this case.

One of the local 70cm repeaters, GB3WP seems to have many problems. The largest one seems to be G6YRK, the repeater keeper.

I had heard rumours of the repeater suddenly going off air getting switched off when either an M3/M6 or 2E0/2E1 was using it. At the time I thought no fellow ham could be quite that petty.

What callsign I or anybody else has should not make a shred of difference whether we should be allowed on the air or not. I personally keep my operating standards as high as possible, way above and beyond what Ofcom stipulates in the licence terms, as it’s part of making the hobby enjoyable for everyone. Seems that not everyone feels the same (in my experience, the older generation of hams, some of whom believe that the tests these days are far too easy, etc, etc).

Then I got proved wrong.

I was doing some handheld radio testing with M3HHY over at Distant Signal Radio on GB3WP, as at the time GB3MR was having some issues with the local pirate (see my previous posts for more info on that prat).

Within a couple of minutes of us establishing a QSO, the repeater suddenly stopped responding. After trying to get back in for a good 15 minutes, it came back on air again.
The instant we gave our callsigns, off it went, into the ether. No response.
This behaviour continued for nearly an hour, and after trying to contact YRK directly, we gave it up as a bad job, with quite a bit of pissed off added into the mix.

If I’d not heard stories of the repeater being turned off when the “wrong people” are using it, I might have put it down to dodgy repeater equipment, but even that didn’t make sense, as it had a definite pattern.
We both fired off an email to the Repeater Keeper, only to get no response from that either (surprise, surprise).

That was the last time I personally attempted to make use of GB3WP.

Until I was given an audio clip of G6YRK in action this evening.

Seems that not even M0 calls are immune from being wiped off the air by GB3WP. Chris, M0OGG, has apparently also had this issue with the repeater. Lucky for him, he had the opportunity to speak to the keeper directly about what went on.

Here’s the audio, I’ll pick each part out & go into a few opinions/observations below.

So, Chris (M0OGG) has asked a simple question, and been met with hostility. Dick Move Number 1.

YRK is clearly reluctant to go into “detail” on the air. Probably because he’s talking complete shite. Only when Lewis (M3HHY) joins in with a slightly more defensive tone does Steve (G6YRK) actually say what Chris has been “reported” for.

After all that it seems that an accusation of keying over other repeater users is the bullshit line of the day. (For the record, I know Chris, he’s not the type of person to key over another radio user, that behaviour in of itself is idiotic).
Apparently he has witnesses to this action, and he’s insisting that others were also involved. Not to mention the fact that RDF has been done on (I’m assuming) all of these “offenders”. G6YRK must have quite the army of hams with lots of spare time.
I’m not sure who the other station is, as he doesn’t give a callsign.

As Lewis jumps in & comments, the Repeater Keeper should be saying something to users he suspects of this kind of thing, in my opinion.

The real reason, of course, that he keeps turning the repeater off when others are using it is that he’s a passive-aggressive vindictive moron.

Surprise, surprise, he can’t remember the “exact date”, (because it never actually happened), it’s just “the other day, somebody did it”. Yeah, great evidence there Steve, because apparently the only person around at the time was Chris. How can he know this? When a repeater has a coverage area as wide as GB3WP, this guy is claiming that he knows that only a single person is listening? No, I think it’s bullshit too.

GB3WP Coverage Map
GB3WP Coverage Map

For reference, here’s the coverage map of the repeater. Steve G6YRK must be bloody psychic to make such a comment.
He then mentions a “friend” of Chris, but again refuses to give any names. Again I’m calling bullshit.
Swifty following this he goes into full kick-my-toys-out-of-the-pram mode because he’s been openly challenged.
While he’s correct in his statement that he can do as he pleases with the repeater, it’s not very good form to just switch the thing off when licenced users are having a perfectly valid QSO. If he doesn’t like people using the repeater, he should turn it off permanently & remove the listing from the repeater group.

After this, Steve makes the comment that he knows nothing of the repeater going off, as he’s been out all night. He mentions his Repeater Stasi again, and then makes a partial retraction of his previous statement, now that it “might” not have been Chris previously. Well Steve, we’re finally getting towards something that resembles truth. You’ve got absolutely no idea who is “keying people out”, if it’s even happening at all. So much for “having people all over the place” listening to where transmissions are coming from.

After Chris confronts him again, he returns to the fallback of that as the NoV holder it’s his prerogative to be able to switch the repeater off whenever he pleases.

When confronted with the fact that people pay into the repeater group to help keep them running, he claims that Chris’ signal is breaking up. My arse. Every other station on the repeater can hear him fine.

There’s probably more to add to this, so if I get any more relevant information from other sources I’ll add on to the saga.

73s for now folks!

7 thoughts on “GB3WP & G6YRK – Rant Time

  1. P.C Plod says:

    Hmmmm……I have had similar issue with this “repeater keeper”. I even had a few e-mails regarding the use of said station! This in itself is breaking privacy laws!! For an M6 I thought that mentoring and guidance was a given thing from the older more experienced operators. Unfortunately YRK appears to be (based on the law of opposites) the opposite. My experience has been primarily with DMR, the local repeater bounces to GB3WP, unfortunately to this keepers talk group, clearly an exclusive club (although clearly open to use). This is simply way out of “Happy ro help” remit of operators. It’s something that will be put forward to relevant parties to investigate further, needless to say unless your a foundation holder don’t attempt to use this repeater! I really feel for any learner drivers that happen to be in front of this obnoxious Land Cruiser! As someone who knows the law’s of the land a little more than most I know there’s at least one breach of protocol and potentially one legal infringement of privacy.

  2. The Engineer says:

    I’ve not used that particular repeater since, but then again I’ve been off air for quite a while due to equipment failure. I don’t think there’s any expectation of privacy on the ham bands, as it’s open to the general public for listening, as well as licenced hams for transmitting. I’m not surprised by the attitudes of a very few numbers of old hands in the hobby, as this kind of issue happens no matter what the interest is, I’ve quickly learned to avoid them though 🙂

    Cheers, de 2E0GXE

  3. UKDMR says:

    This G6YRK wanker tried bossing UK1 BM 4400 users around and appointed himself
    as the UK DMR police. The inept fool had no idea, or understanding of how the system works,
    or any idea on how to utilise two time slots. Wake up to your stupid, control freak, self YRK.

    Lets hope you get switched off,.. permanently.

      1. Paddy says:

        My apologies for the Very late reply. I was referring to the fact that the repeater is now off air, permanently I hope.


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