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Brsk Updates – A New Network Link

I posted a couple of weeks back that I was soon to be the recipient of a new gigabit symmetric link to the intertubes – and there was a bit of a caveat of their use of CG-NAT due to the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space.

To compensate I’ve routed everything over a VPN link in prep for this new connection, which does work fantastically well.

After a chat with their support guys – and I did actually manage to speak to someone in their Networks team, not just a customer support droid(!), they will soon be introducing a service where I can add a public IPv4 to my account, so I’ll be able to run at full gigabit speeds without the 100Mbit restriction of this VPN connection!

I’m told that this will be within the next couple of months, which is around the same lead time as the connection itself, so hopefully this will be live just in time for my new fibre.

More updates to come as this progresses!

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