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Epson Ink Cartridge Resetter


This is a device designed to reset Epson brand ink cartridges that are reportedly out of ink, so they again report full to the printer Here is the front of the unit, with the guide for attaching to a cartridge.

PCB Back
PCB Back

Back of the device removed. 3 button cells provide power to the PCB. Indicator LED sticks out of the top of the device for reset confirmation.
Row of pads on far left edge of the PCB are presumably a programming header for the uC on the other side of the board.

PCB Front
PCB Front

Here is the  front of the PCB, main feature being the grid of pogo pins to connect to the cartridge chip. IC on lower right of that is a MSP430F2131 uController, a Texas Instruments part.
The IC directly to the left of the pogo pin bed is a voltage regulator, to step down the ~4.5v of the batteries down to the ~3.3v that the uC requires.

2 thoughts on “Epson Ink Cartridge Resetter

  1. Hello ! I want to connect external power to circuit. Where can i put voltage to circuit? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Leonidas,

      My guess would be across the leads of the electrolytic capacitor C2 – that looks big enough to be the main filter capacitor, you can find out by using a multimeter to check the connections between / from the batteries.
      Hope this helps.

      de 2E0GXE

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