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Eberspacher Controller & Remote

7-Day Programmer
7-Day Programmer

The Eberspacher heaters can be controlled with a single switch, but it’s more convenient to have some temperature control & the option of a timer. Above is an ex-BT 701 series controller, with built in 7-day programmer. Being an ex-BT van version though, it’ll only switch the heater on for 1 hour at a time.
To get around this slight niggle, I fitted a bypass toggle switch.

Remote Control
Remote Control

For a bit of extra convenience, I got an RF remote controlled relay module from eBay (£5).
This allows me to switch things on remotely, so I can return to a nice toasty tent while camping.
There is an official RF remote for Eberspacher heaters, but I’ve no doubt they’re hideously expensive.

RF Receiver
RF Receiver

Here’s the receiver PCB, there’s an EEPROM & a microcontroller onboard for handling the codes the remotes send, but as the number has been scrubbed off the micro, no data there. This uses a standard RF receiver module.

RF Remote
RF Remote

Here’s the remote itself, this uses a 12v battery instead of a 3v lithium cell. A little of a pain since these batteries can be a bit pricey.
As this RF system operates on 315MHz, it’s technically illegal in the UK, but I was unable to find a 433MHz version with the features required. Nevermind ;).

Controller Internals
Controller Internals

Here’s the module installed in the controller casing. I have since run the antenna wire around the edge of the case to try & get the furthest range on receive. The relay contacts are just paralleled across the bypass switch, so when the relay energizes the heater fires up.
Luckily the thermostatic control portion of the 701 programmer is operational even when heating mode is not active.

4 thoughts on “Eberspacher Controller & Remote

  1. Hi

    Nice site you have.
    Can you answer me?

    Where did you connect the remote module in the Eber wiring loom? I have the same $5 remote and want to remotely start my Eberspacher Hydronic D4WSC.

    1. Hi Stig,

      Just wire the relay of the remote switch into the start wire (Yellow) of the heater, to the +12v supply (Red). Switching the relay on will cause the heater to fire up.

      de 2E0GXE

  2. Thanks The Engineer, found your page while Googling, just the answers I needed for my D2. Cheers.

    1. No worries GBMUD, glad you found the information useful.


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