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Recording QSO’s From My Shack

Since my new Wouxun has audio output jacks, I figured it would be useful to have the ability to record what my rig hears, if anything interesting comes on the air.

Under Linux, I use an application called, (creatively enough), Audio Recorder.

Recorder Screenshot
Recorder Screenshot

Using a simple connection to the mic input on a USB soundcard, I can capture everything the radio hears. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for outgoing audio, so it’s not much good at capture of my personal QSOs. For this I will have to set up another radio to act as the main receiver.

At some point in the future I will implement this with a Raspberry Pi as the audio capture server.

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Wouxun KG-UV950P RF Power Measurements

Following on from the earlier power tests on my Baofeng HTs, here’s the readings from the Wouxun KG-UV950P. Power is a little lower than specified, but this is probably due to the supply voltage being a bit less than 13.8v. These readings were taken at a supply voltage of 12.88v.

The same frequencies were used, 145.500 & 433.500 for the VHF/UHF tests. For the 6/10m tests 27MHz & 50MHz were used.
The power meter was connected with 1 metre of RG58 dual-screened cable with N-type connectors.


6m: 24W

10m: 23W

VHF: 38W

UHF: 24.9W


6m: 10.9W

10m: 9.3W

VHF: 19W

UHF: 14.2W


6m: 6.8W

10m: 3.5W

VHF: 9.6W

UHF: 9.4W


6m: 3.5W

10m: 1.9W

VHF: 4.8W

UHF: 4.7W

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Wouxun KG-UV950P Band Unlocking

I have recently come across the software the Wouxun factory uses to set the band limits on the KG-UV950P.

While the software is in Chinese, it’s functional, and allows setting of all band limits on the radio.

[download id=”5587″]

Here’s an English version of the interface:

Limit Setup Menu
Limit Setup Menu

Note when using this software:

This possibly has the potential to damage the radio, if you transmit on a frequency it’s not designed for. Not to mention the legal issues with transmitting on frequencies that aren’t permitted! Use at your own risk!