Maplin/Refrakta Torch Modification & Mode Removal

The multimode dimming/flashing modes on Chinese torches have irritated me for a while. If I buy a torch, it’s to illuminate something I’m doing, not to test if people around me have photosensitive epilepsy. Looking at the PCB in the LED module of the torch, a couple of components are

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The Shack

So, here is where all the action happens. Main radio of course is housed on the left, it’s partially hidden under my currently over-populated breadboard. All 3 monitors are linked to the same PC, using a pair of video cards. This is a very flexible system with so much screen

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Wearable Raspberry Pi Part 2.5 – Battery Pack PCM

The final part for the battery pack has finally arrived, the PCM boards. These modules protect the cells by cutting off the power at overcharge, undercharge & overcurrent. Each cell is connected individually on the right, 12v power appears on the left connections. These modules also ensure that all the

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